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    This is the rare cardinal photographed in Dr. Larry Ammann’s back yard. It is a bilateral gynandromorph, which means it exhibits both male and female characteristics, split down the middle of its body. See additional images, that better show the split.

    But female cardinals aren’t white. This is far more likely to be a partially leucistic bird.

    Read the linked articles. they show better photos of it, showing the debs female side. It’s probably leucistic also.

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    10 Tips for Family Camping

    Perhaps there is no greater family-bonding experience than roughing it together in the great outdoors. Camping as a family not only builds lifelong memories – it gives the modern tech-obsessed kids a chance to enjoy nature up close and personal. Picking an awesome campsite is the easy part – it’s the preparation and planning that may take a little more time than a quick Google search. Here are 10 tips to help you create one of the best family vacations of a lifetime.
    Family Pow Wow Before you pack a single item – gather the family around for a pre-vacation pow wow session. Talk about the sites you are planning to see – view destination pics on the internet to increase anticipation and excitement. Set the ground rules now for all handheld games, iPads, etc. so there are no arguments once you get on the road. Ask them to make a wish list of the top 5 things they would most like to do and see during the trip – then cull them together and pick a couple from everyone’s favorites. “Can’t Leave Home Without” Checklist The last thing you want to do is find yourself in the middle of nowhere without all the necessary essentials. Make a master “must have” checklist and post it on the fridge. Make a copy for all kids who can read and assign them specific duties they can check off when completed. Check and double-check your list before the ignition goes on and the garage door goes down! Pre-plan Easy Meals One word you want to keep in mind for food prep is “simplify”. Obviously hot dogs and s’mores are fun for a meal or two – but the more you prepare in advance, the more time you will have for fun activities. For example, pre-marinate fajita meat and store in freezer bags for fun burrito night or skillet scramble breakfasts. Don’t Forget the Fun Stuff As you know, the younger the child the shorter the attention span. Nature hikes, waterfalls and campfire sing-a-longs are awesome for a while, but even in the midst of the coolest campsite on earth – kids can short-out and use the “B” word … the dreaded “I’m bored” syndrome. Pack plenty of outdoor games like Frisbee, ring-toss, etc. – as well as after dark activities like playing cards and board games. Safety First Don’t forget to bring a First Aid Kit! Make sure it is amply stocked with Band-Aids, bug and sunburn spray, tweezers for nasty splinters, ibuprofen and antiseptic for minor cuts. Fresh Drinking Water Campground water may be suitable for showering – but most likely your kids will not want to drink it! Pack plenty of FIJI Water to keep your family thoroughly hydrated – especially during long nature hikes and outdoor fun in the sun. Fire and Light Oops! Unless you are Eagle Scout – you may have a difficult time getting the campfire going if you left the matches at home. Don’t forget to pack your lighter – and bring a box of matches just in case you run out of butane. Hand-held flashlights are fun for the kids – but experienced campers know that a headlamp is a must in the wild. A headlamp keeps your hands free for nighttime chores such as chopping wood or pitching a tent. Sanitizer and Wipes Trees, trails and chasing fireflies will definitely leave little hands needing a good cleaning before dinner time. Bring plenty of waterless hand sanitizer for pre-meal clean up time. Stock up on wet wipes for occasional spills and daily freshen-ups. TP and Paper Towels Whether you vacation at campgrounds with shower and toilet provisions or are really roughing it – you don’t want to leave home without plenty of toilet paper. That is one area of the “outdoor experience” that needs a little indoor TLC. Paper towels are a must for every outing and make a great back-up if you run out of wipes or TP. Sleepy Time If you have a difficult time getting the kids to sleep at home – just think about how tough it can be if you are tucking them in to a sleeping bag on the cold, hard ground! This is the best time to use that inflatable mattress-in-a-bag. Just a few inches of cushion between their bums and the unforgiving earth can make a huge difference for a good night’s sleep and enjoyable camping experience for the whole family.

    My BF never posts on tumblr. So reblogging this out of sheer happiness.

    That and fiji water. This post could use a few more birds though…


  3. The girl who fell from the sky - Laputa

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    John Mulaney | The Salt & Pepper Diner



    This is one of the best pieces of comedy that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. I love this. I have been looking for this online for awhile.

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  5. Someone stole this gif from becausebirds and re uploaded it. Yay I guess. Hopefully it got some traffic to my page. The original gif set got 35k notes.

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    People who call in to an wild bird clinic about city pigeons just as often as they do about sparrows and warblers and jays give me strength

    also, pigeons are not diseased or dirty. they don’t carry diseases which can be transmitted to humans, and they preen and keep themselves clean.

    don’t hate.

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    Also had this little beb to watch today! S/he is not a very good woodpecker yet.

    Are you volunteering at a rehab center? Since I only deal with aquatic birds, it’s interesting to see the enclosures for terrestrial birds! I would love to see more!

    I am! I’m currently trying to navigate just what is photo-able and what isn’t, but if I can, I will absolutely take more. I can’t even imagine what an aquatic bird center must be like, it’s probably completely different from anything we have here!

    There are basically five round “pelagic” pools. Two outdoor aviaries for Pelicans/gulls. 5 outdoor water ones with water/ground for things like ducks and terns. Numerous indoor and outdoor “Peliboxes” (pelican boxes) that house things like egrets, gulls, terns, gulls, herons, and, of course, pelicans.

    The two centers in California respond to oil spills and crisis around the world.

    It’s fun. I’ve been volunteering there a bit over a month.

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    Tony Squawk

    I mean, you could have just gone with ‘Tony Hawk’, but I still like it

    I could have, but I felt it deserved a bit more creativity. :P

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    Also had this little beb to watch today! S/he is not a very good woodpecker yet.

    Are you volunteering at a rehab center? Since I only deal with aquatic birds, it’s interesting to see the enclosures for terrestrial birds! I would love to see more!

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    Mother and daughter day in the park.

    You know those aren’t real owls, right?

    Dear god. No, they looked real. This is what I get for posting to becausebirds on my iPhone.

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    Can’t stop watching this strolling cephalopod? Don’t be fooled by its delicate movement—the mimic octopus can easily scare off potential predators. In a flash, this master of mimicry changes its color and shape to hover like a lethal lionfish or slither like a poisonous sea snake. 

    Learn more

    How brian-mann walks when no one is looking.

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    Bad hair day!

    Tricolored Heron, Egretta tricolor, juvenile

    Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach, FL


    Fantastic. I pray to see one of these next month while I am at disneyworld

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    Killdeer chick by Yi Luo

    Is there anything better than a baby killdeer

    A bunch of baby killdeers


    I got to hold a baby killdeer this weekend! We have a chick at our rehab center and we had to capture it and feed it some medicine. It’s SO cute, fluffy and tiny, just like this one. It makes small squeak sounds. I love it.

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