1. muffinscience:

    Young grizzly along highway 16, being omnivorous.

    This post is brought to you by birds and is dedicated to blacksheepfollow.

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  2. purplepeepbits:

    Whoooooa! So almost a year ago I had the privilege to design a whole box of “Mickey Mouse Shorts” Vinylmation figures. We never heard word of these being made afterwards so I just assumed they were put on the shelf. Not too long ago, at the Imagination Gala conference they announced these! They’re a blind box set of 8 figures and will come out sometime in March 2015. I had no idea! These are my designs! I got to design toys! Mickey toys! I’m very excited about the news. I had so much fun with these and tried to make them look appealing while still being prominent to a certain episode. I did many episodes so I hope they make more. I wonder who the chaser will be…. Hehehe. 

    Go, Tara!

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  3. pap-smear said: What kind of bird would be a good pet? One that isn't extremely loud or noisy But a bird that's not a common pet store bird



    I heard Bald Eagles make great pets! Definitely not a common pet store bird. ;)

    Any recommendations, gentle readers?


    Thank you so much! I’ll totally look into it!

    I added some more to my original post and also check out all of the recommendations from my followers. There will be more I’m sure! :) Good luck with finding your perfect bird companion.

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  4. vylot-hart:



    I just made myself sad. 

    Right in the feels

    How could you?

    brian-mann purplepeepbits snaggle-teeth

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  5. crownofbirds:



    I just love how tall Yuu is. It’s very much like Jupiter! She’s so right for this role!

    I CANNOT EVEN SAY how joyful I feel to see yuri-jupiter



    they all look so amazing. I have no idea who they are, but they look great.

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  6. featherkin:


    The first-ever World Shorebirds Day is tomorrow!

    This event was created to raise awareness about the declining populations of shorebirds, protecting their habitat, encouraging research, connecting people with local shorebird sites, helping people meet other local birders, and to raise awareness about the need for increased funding for shorebird research, monitoring, and conservation. 

    Everyone is being encouraged to go out this weekend and count adorable shorebirds and report them on eBird.org.

    I’ll be counting birds tomorrow morning at Ballona Wetlands outside of LA!

    Learn more!

    (female American Avocet and Black Tern that I saw on the shore of the Great Salt Lake last weekend are pictured above)

    the bird pictured on the bottom looks more like a laughing gull in its winter plumage though? i could be wrong, i’m not sure, but i’m pretty sure. black terns don’t have the white eye rings, and the beaks are a different shape ( and don’t have that little bit of red at the tip ).

    You’re totally right. UGH. I was keeping an eye out for black terns and got excited and mis-IDed it. It’s a Franklin’s gull upon further inspection (still a lifer for me though). They don’t have Laughing Gulls in Utah.

    I’ll have to go over all of my photos and see if any of my pictures have the tern in them. Thanks for pointing it out! Sometimes my desire for a certain bird makes my mind convinced that that is what I’m actually seeing.

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  7. tinycartridge:

    New 3DS and Cover Plates packaging ⊟

    I love that New 3DS box for Japan! It’s curious that of all the system’s new features and improvements (extra analog input and buttons, built-in NFC/Amiibo support, faster CPU, etc.), the box’s design and word balloon are dedicated to advertising the handheld’s swappable cover plates. The boxes for the New 3DS XLs, which don’t let you change the covers, are more boring traditional.

    Also notice that the packaging for the cover plates (now listed at Amazon Japan) has text for other languages, indicating these will eventually come to the West. Thanks to @Lite_Agent and @NintendoTweet for the pics!

    IMPORT New Nintendo 3DS White / Black (3DS XL Blue / Black)

    Def going from an XL back to a regular 3DS. Especially since the original is slightly bigger. I love the swappable faceplates and the colorful buttons.

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  9. biologizeable:

    Let me just say that the best game to play with friends when you’re trying to pick what movie to watch is to describe the plot of Jurassic Park as whatever their preferred genre is without them realizing until it’s too late

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  10. indigoxstitcher said: Hi in one of your posts you talk about putting your stitching designs onto an iPad. Just trying that now and Awesome!! You also mentioned making designs with mac stitch. Can you still get this as I checked the store on my MacBook and nothing comes up? Thanks :)

    Hi! It’s not on the Mac App Store. You can download the trial here. I just use the trial forever and screenshot the pattern from inside the app. I’ll usually zoom in, take several screenshots and stitch them together in photoshop or another editing program before putting it on my iPad.

    How did you come across my post? A reblog? I love using cool tech with cross stitching! Much better than fumbling with paper and highlighters (I never did that though, iPad from the get-go)

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  11. thatsplicingadventure:

    What I expected

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  12. dendroica:


    California Towhee. March, 2014. San Marcos, California.

    This looks more like a Spotted Towhee.

    It’s totally a spotted towhee. No doubt. I love this bird.

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  13. The internet continues to love owls and toucans over the weekend. :D becausebirds

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  14. cinnamontoastcrunch:

    Look, no hands! 

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  15. What’s this?

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